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" Gemoor Khar - A Manor House In The Sky ”

The only property in Lahaul to be registered both with Incredible India Scheme of GoI as well as Home Stay Scheme of Government of HP.



Gemoor Khar and The Thakurs of Lahoul

Gemoor Khar , established in 1920, was the estate of Thakur Mangal Chand (1886 -1969) Rais and Ex Wazir of Lahaul . The Khar, meaning manor house, was a grand 5 storey mansion with more than 40 rooms and large stables . This was practically the last outpost on this inhospitable but important trade route connecting India to the Silk Route via Ladakh and Karakorum Pass.

During the summer months the place hummed with activity, with trader, officials, European explorers and scholars stopping over to relax and enjoy the hospitality of the Thakur and to prepare themselves for the arduous journey ahead.

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